Smart Homes are being Redefined from the Studs to the Software

  • Sensors — In order to make anything better you first need the ability to track it. I’ve always been one of those “You can’t manage what you don’t measure” guys so this was a natural place for me to start. Luckily if you’re not, there are plenty of platforms and sensors out here to choose from.
  • Air Quality — Through sensors, the air throughout the home can be checked for CO2, Carbon Monoxide, VOCs, particulate matter, and formaldehyde off-gassing (an unfortunate side effect of some building materials). If increases are sensed in any unhealthy environments you can boost fresh air through a delivery system to completely recycle the air within the home. The systems also will learn what is causing this over time and preemptively cycle air so that it doesn’t get to an unhealthy level in the first place.
  • Convenience — Ever waited for the shower to get warm on a cold day? Been there, done that, not really enjoyable. An intelligent home will incorporate your calendar or learn your routines and over time preemptively cycle all of the hot water so that you have a shower at just the right temperature within seconds of turning it on. This is a particular favorite of Debbie’s.
  • Orchestration — If want to ensure your house is exactly right from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed and even while you sleep, an orchestration platform accommodates this. It allows you to intelligently automate everything from your lights to your garage door, to the tracking of your sleep patterns compared to the room temperature and everything in between.
  • Efficiency — Circuit by circuit energy monitoring allows the home to learn your usage patterns and offer suggestions for the most efficient and economical usage of power.
  • Durability — One of the most important impacts on your home is performance over time. Sensors need to constantly monitor building performance and alert you if anything doesn’t look right — moisture where it shouldn’t be, energy consumption that doesn’t seem right — then notify you and remediate the issue if possible.
  • Better Tomorrow — We’ve all experienced how fast technology changes fast, so a platform that can be upgradable and is “future-flexible” to allow owners to update homes as new technology evolves.



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Tod Caflisch

Tod Caflisch


Smart Home technology visionary with passion for out of the box solutions for home technology integrations, focusing on efficiency, safety and sustainability.