Let’s Get ‘Smart’ About the Summer Heat …

  • Automatically turns down your temperature when nobody is home.
  • Learns your routine and recommends changes to your thermostat schedule for optimal energy savings.
  • Automatically heats or cools your home when electricity more affordable and cleaner.
  • Reduces strain on the electricity grid and provides you with incentives from your energy provider.
  • Beautiful industrial design
  • Broad compatibility with other smart home ecosystems
  • Outstanding user interface, both in the app and on the device itself
  • Radar-based motion detection, plus support for remote temperature/motion sensors
  • Extremely easy to install and configure
  • Siri support requires the presence of an Apple HomePod or HomePod mini
  • Air quality sensor won’t trigger your HVAC system’s fan to circulate air
  • One of the more pricey smart thermostat options
  • The best algorithms on the market
  • Excellent interface and easy set-up
  • Outstanding industrial design
  • Overly reliant on its built-in motion sensor (or your buying other Nest products)
  • Nest doesn’t like geofencing, so it thinks you shouldn’t either
  • Incompatible with the Apple HomeKit ecosystem
  • Automatically learns your heating and cooling needs
  • Can be controlled with Alexa voice commands
  • Broadly compatible with 24V HVAC systems
  • Attractive industrial design, available in four colors
  • Very easy to install, program, and use
  • Monitors your HVAC system for potential problems
  • Energy Star certified
  • No support for remote room sensors
  • Not suited to more complex HVAC systems
  • Backplate for covering holes from previous installations is a $15 option



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Tod Caflisch

Tod Caflisch

Smart Home technology visionary with passion for out of the box solutions for home technology integrations, focusing on efficiency, safety and sustainability.