He’s Makin’ a List …

  • Amazon
  • Kasa — Kasa Smart Plug
  • Brilliant Smart Light
  • Inovelli — Red Series (Hubitat)
  • RGBgenie
  • Pantry/closet doors with motion lighting control or simple (analog) spring switch?
  • Amazon Alexa — I really don’t want to switch from this
  • Google Home
  • Ecobee — v3 — no Alexa, v4 has Alexa, remote sensors
  • Google Nest
  • Emerson Sensi
  • Lux Geo
  • Honeywell Home
  • The Amazon Alexa crowd would be best served by The Onelink Safe & Sound by First Alert for $249. This smart product detects the presence of both smoke and carbon monoxide, has a high-quality built-in speaker and microphone and acts as an Alexa device. Stacey reviewed it a year ago and found it to be a fantastic device overall.
  • First Alert Onelink costs $49, is HomeKit compatible thanks to built-in Wi-Fi, and also detects both smoke and carbon monoxide.
  • Google sells the Nest Protect smart smoke alarms for $119 in your choice of wired or battery powered. It doesn’t have speakers for music or Google Assistant commands, which may explain why it’s less expensive than the Alexa option previously mentioned. But it does detect smoke and CO, plus it runs diagnostics on the sensors and battery multiple times daily, per Google.
  • First Alert ZCOMBO Smoke+CO Detector — SmartThings compatible
  • Lutron Caseta — Power to smart shade locations. Lutron Caseta takes batteries
  • Chamberlain MyQ — https://www.myq.com/ — Isn’t compatible with SmartThings or Amazon Alexa. IFTTT compatibility — Integrated with Amazon Key (secure package drop off)
  • LiftMaster
  • Ryobi
  • Alcidae Garager 2
  • Wyze — cheap, both fixed and PTZ, subscription?
  • Arlo — not cheap, subscription?
  • Notes — External Cameras — driveway, front porch, back door. Internal Cameras -
  • Wyze
  • SmartThings
  • Inovelli 4in1 sensor
  • Notes — Motion or proximity activation of lights on driveway, front porch, back door, patio/pergola. Smart light strips behind TVs to light/change color when motion is detected outdoors or someone is at the door.
  • SmartThings — leaks
  • Other?
  • Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Lily Outdoor Spot Light
  • Sonos Outdoor Speakers
  • Netatmo Rain Gauge
  • Insteon Motion Sensor II
  • TOADI AUTONOMOUS LAWN ROBOT — Robotic lawnmowers are nothing new. But nearly all of them require you to lay down a perimeter wire so they know where to go. Toadi is different. Combining AI smarts with a 4K camera to “see” the yard and know where to mow and where to not. Its sustainable, 3D-printed body is mostly made from corn starch, with a protective nanocoating and wireless charging for the internal lithium-ion batteries. Two versions are available, both with titanium-coated blades, adjustable mowing heights, and the ability to cut up to 1.2 acres per charge on the Pro, or 0.6 acres on the standard model. https://uncrate.com/toadi-autonomous-lawn-robot/
  • SAMSUNG TERRACE OUTDOOR TV — Electronics aren’t generally made for the outdoors. Especially TVs. So most outdoor sets tend to be heavy, thick, and very expensive. Samsung’s out to change that with the Terrace. It’s IP55 rated against water and dust intrusion, has a brightness of 2,000 nits so it can be seen in broad daylight, and has a QLED 4K display for outstanding performance. It’s joined in the lineup by the Terrace Soundbar, which is similarly IP55-rated and ready for mounting underneath or directly on the TV. — https://uncrate.com/samsung-terrace-outdoor-tv/
  • AppleTV integration for iPhones, iPads, etc.?
  • Eero — mesh solution superior to single router, distributed model to cover all areas evenly, best to connect via ethernet.
  • Ubiquiti — AC Pro
  • Netgear Orbi 6000 Mesh
  • Sonos — Sonos pico in each room with speakers
  • Bose
  • Notes — Run speaker wire for home theater and other audio needs
  • Breaker box in convenient location (inside house/garage)
  • Additional conduit stubbed in ceiling for future need
  • 50amp 240v plug(s) in garage for tools or EV charging
  • 4 gang outlet where all of the coax/Cat6 terminates
  • Plugs in the soffits for holiday/party lights or wifi cams
  • Plugs in “drop” area where you toss your keys etc
  • Choose plugs that include USB outlets for the bedrooms, kitchen, “drop area”
  • In-floor plugs under a couch or desk (Office, Great Room, et.)
  • 110v plug in the attic for antenna amp
  • Transfer switch for generator — can this be ported to an outer wall? Patio or a pad on the side of the garage?
  • Plugs under kitchen sink (others) for smart/connected faucet
  • Dedicated POE for internet
  • ONT from service provider installed in garage instead of on the outside of the house.
  • Additional conduit stubbed for future need to ceiling for future cabling, via PVC conduit to outdoor (patio, pergola) and for future needs outdoors
  • Cooled/ventilated space for hardware — Enclosed vs open rack or mounted directly to painted plywood on wall. NavePoint 9U Deluxe IT Wallmount cabinet 19in enclosure
  • Network drops in all rooms, especially for specific need — wifi, gaming, computer
  • Network drops at exterior locations for door bell, cameras, wifi, access control
  • In-floor network drops under couch or desk (Office, Great Room, et.)
  • Request a printout of a fluke test of all the Cat6 to ensure solid connectivity.
  • Cat6 to ceiling locations for access points
  • Cat6 to garage location — for wifi access point, TV, cameras, etc.
  • Doorbell hardware for a hardwired smart doorbell (see Nest/Ring spec requirements)
  • Conduit to outdoor areas at least 2”
  • Run speaker wire for home theater and other audio needs
  • Cabling for HD local TV antenna in the attic
  • Coax run to each room and one run to an attic location for an antenna.
  • Request a printout of a test of all the Coax to ensure solid connectivity.
  • SmartThings
  • Hubitat
  • Fibaro
  • POE for device use taking advantage of Cat6 cabling
  • Camera video, on-demand video, music, images
  • Traditional
  • Solar — back of house will face west for roof coverage. Also solar options for panels on patio covers and pergolas.
  • Wind — no turbines allowed in the development
  • Geothermal — https://www.facebook.com/WaterFurnace/
  • Electrical outlets in non-standard locations: Floor of office, Floor of Great Room, For robot vacuum (Under stairs between Foyer and Great Room if we open them up), In other designed “nooks” to hide charging stations, For EV charging station(s) on wall with garage doors/between garage doors, USB charging outlets where appropriate (above counter tops, bedrooms, office, Great Room, bathrooms, garage, outdoors).
  • No tub in the Master Bath. Spa tub(s) in other bathroom locations?
  • Walk-in shower
  • Toilets — longer, higher?
  • Shine — shinebathroom.com — Shine Bathroom Assistant automatically cleans your toilet after each flush with a powerful yet eco-friend cleaning solution, leaving your toilet cleaner than before. With Shine, you will never have to scrub toilets ever again.
  • Smart Appliances?
  • Ethernet drops at locations of every appliance and above counter tops
  • Kohler — Alexa integration — Setra Voice-Activated Faucet, Sensate
  • Moen — Alexa integration –
  • Delta — Alexa integration — Trinsic Touch2O
  • Pot filler over stove?
  • ASPIRE OUTDOOR KITCHEN — Aspire by Hestan offers a complete outdoor kitchen finely tuned to tune out the real world. Each Aspire grill is meticulously built in California with heavy-gauge stainless steel for robust reliability year-round. The 42" Aspire grill (shown) features two ceramic infrared burners (one under the hood and one under the grates) to lock in flavors with the perfect sear. A worry-free hot surface ignition system lights things up instantly, without a single click. Dual halogen lighting illuminates the entire grill interior so you can keep an eye on the expansive 774-square-inch grate all night long. Of course, the Aspire line includes storage and refrigeration to keep your secret ingredients and favorite beverages close at hand. With high style to match its high performance, Aspire helps you create your perfect backyard getaway. https://uncrate.com/aspire-outdoor-kitchen/
  • ABIMIS BESPOKE STAINLESS STEEL KITCHENS — Built from AISI 304 and 316 steel, Abimis Bespoke Stainless Steel Kitchens offer restaurant-quality workspaces for the at-home chef. The Italian-made cabinets and countertops provide a modern, industrial aesthetic that will compliment any interior for decades to come. The durable material is long-lasting and impact-resistant, as well as easy to clean and 100% recyclable.‎ Its immunity to weather also makes it an ideal choice for outdoor patios and terraces. Each kitchen is available in a hand-polished, mirror-polished, or painted finish and can be customized to suit every individual cooking style. https://uncrate.com/abimis-bespoke-stainless-steel-kitchens/
  • WWOO CONCRETE OUTDOOR KITCHEN — Created by Dutch designer Piet-Jan van den Kommer, WWOO Concrete Outdoor Kitchens are giving grill masters a sleek summer workspace. The segments are made from five-foot prefabricated pieces that can be customized to fit any backyard patio or garden. Each unit features a clean, compact design that can offer storage, a stainless steel sink, or a built-in Big Green Egg. If you don’t prefer the kamado-style grill, it can be made to integrate any barbecue of choice. Kitchens are available in light or dark grey and because they’re cast from concrete, they can withstand any climate with little maintenance. https://uncrate.com/wwoo-concrete-outdoor-kitchen/
  • Steel exterior door frames
  • Extra-wide (ADA) doors to accommodate wheelchairs?
  • Pantry/closet doors with automated lighting control (pressure switch)?
  • Pre-fab — Fiberglass/steel bolted to foundation — above and below ground.
  • Constructed onsite — Cinderblock with rebar and poured concrete ceiling or rebar reinforced poured concrete above ground.
  • Power and Cat6 run to shelter for lighting, outlets (to charge devices) and network (wireless or wired). Wireless AP in shelter?
  • House-facing stainless steel cabinet in back of from porch column for package deliveries.
  • Smurf tubes from TV locations in-wall to hide cabling.
  • 2X6’s instead of 2X4’s for studs in places where we’d like to use shallow “in-wall” storage, shelves or cabinets.




Smart Home technology visionary with passion for out of the box solutions for home technology integrations, focusing on efficiency, safety and sustainability.

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Tod Caflisch

Tod Caflisch

Smart Home technology visionary with passion for out of the box solutions for home technology integrations, focusing on efficiency, safety and sustainability.

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