A Cord Cutter’s Guide for the 2022 NFL Season

  • DirectTV Stream offers CBS, NBC, Fox, and ESPN in its $70/mo entertainment package. It’s currently being offered for $50/mo for the first two months before reverting to full price.
  • Paramount+ will stream CBS’s NFL telecasts to subscribers of its $5-per-month Essential plan. We have another story that provides even more details about watching NFL games on Paramount+. Capital One customers can get $7.50 back right now through Capital One Shopping.
  • Sling TV splits ESPN and Fox into separate channel bundles. You’ll need the Sling Orange and Blue package to get them both. The Orange and Blue packages get you NBC, Fox, ESPN, and the NFL Network for $50/mo. Currently, Sling is offering the first month for half off.
  • FuboTV will give you CBS, FOX, and NBC for all Sunday games, as well as ESPN for Monday Night Football as part of its PRO package, which costs $70/mo. For an additional $11/mo, you can also get NFL RedZone via the service’s Sports Plus add-on. NFL RedZone exists for only about a seven-hour window each Sunday and airs nothing but the day’s highlights (mostly touchdowns, as the name suggests).
  1. On the top-right corner of the next screen, press the profile icon. (Do not select NFL+, it’s a separate subscription.)
  2. On the next page, scroll down to the RedZone banner and select ‘Subscribe to RedZone Mobile.’
  3. Hit the ‘Select’ on the next page, which lists the $34.99 full season price.
  4. Use the in-app purchase systems for the iOS App Store or Google Play to complete the subscription.
  • Paramount+ provides live access to NFL games on CBS.
  • NBC’s Peacock will also stream every Sunday Night Football game on its $5/mo Premium tier.
  • Amazon Prime will carry all Thursday Night Football games this season at no extra cost for subscribers.



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